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High resolution full 360 degree skies up to 14,000 pixels wide
for Broadcasters, Architectural Renderers, Illustrators, Animators and Photographers.

Seamless, panorama domes big enough for high resolution output.

Nvidia to use HDRI enhanced 1000skies in the demos for their next generation video card to show off global illumination capabilities.

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1000Skies coming this fall in the online game Pirates of the Burning Sea

MILD SKIES... mild800.jpg - 13819 Bytes

As seen on Discovery Channel - The Future of War.

EVENING shots...

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Panorama Photographers - replace booring & problem skies.
Computer Renderers - use as background image in architectural renderings. 
As a 360 dome in your rendering program or composite in Photoshop.
As a background sky in renderings, drop in the whole sky then slide it around till the clouds compliment the building.
Examples can be seen here: 3D Renderings by Howard Digital. NO MORE BLURRY SKIES on large prints.
Film Industry - have a good take with a problem sky?
Don't re-shoot - pipe your motion data into your animation package, drop in a
high resolution sky dome, rotate to orient desired part of sky and
render a new sky with matching movement.
Better yet, Don't waste money holding up the shoot waiting for the "right" sky.
Light your subjects and add the sky later.
Gamers, Video and computer game creators. - Perfect as backgrounds in Virtual Reality and 3d worlds.
Coming this fall in the online game Pirates of the Burning Sea.
Computer Animators - Awesome as backgrounds in animations for film, Television, comercials and marketing.
Example: Discovery Channel "The Future of War".
Ad Agencies - tired of settling for limits imposed on you?
Get as much sky as you want. tweak the color & contrast the way you want.
Model Photographers
- use as a backdrop behind architectural models.
Printed and illuminated, projected or composited in PhotoShop. Example: Westley Library Model

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